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Can A Website Get You Out Of A Traffic Ticket?
The Consumerist
It's scary to get a traffic ticket, especially if you drive for a living or there's a hike to your insurance on the line that you can't afford, not to mention paying the fine. It makes sense to pay a service advertising that it can help get you out of ...

Call Kurtis Investigation: Can Websites Fight Traffic Tickets?
CBS Local
ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Rick Neidhardt was trying to beat a red light, but the traffic ticket he received in the mail shows he did not. “I thought I had made it,” He said. The violation cost $541 and would leave a mark on his driving record. Rick turned to ...

KBB: Cadillac web traffic boosted 27% during 2015 Oscars ad campaign
According to Kelley Blue Book's website traffic data, traffic to the Cadillac website pages rose 27 percent during the first hour after the spots aired. The visits then fell off fairly quickly, though. "Cadillac traffic spiked briefly on, but ...

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Website Traffic is Up, Leads Are Down. What Now?
Business 2 Community
The company saw a 23% increase in overall traffic in the second half of 2014 from the first half, which they attributed to hiring internal marketing staff and a marketing agency, and producing more content by blogging 3-4 times a month. Leads, she said ...

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Uber Website Traffic Tops 3 Million
24/7 Wall St.
In a sign of the rise of Uber as a mode of transportation, traffic to its website reached 3.2 million unique visitors in the United States during January, up 740% from January 2014. However, traffic has peaked for the time being. Perhaps the ...

5 Reasons Website Traffic Is the Lifeblood of Small Business
Huffington Post
Website conversion measures the rate at which website visitors complete a certain desire outcome, for example -- submit an enquiry or buy a product. However to have a real effect on your bottom line you need to understand that traffic and conversion ...

St. Catharines Standard

Dear Software Vendors: Please Stop Trying to Intercept Your Customers ...
All of these products have the same vulnerability that Superfish does: anyone with a little technical know-how could intercept and modify your otherwise secure HTTPS traffic. ... these attacks are even easier than researchers originally thought ...
Lenovo Website Hacked Less Than a Week After Adware BlunderBloomberg
Lenovo website breached; Lizard Squad claims responsibilitySt. Catharines Standard

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How To Generate Website Traffic That Converts Into Leads
Business 2 Community
There are many tried and true methods that help websites generating qualifying website traffic, however will not be effective without proper implementation and consistency. You may find some methods work better for your company than others – it's ...

Ithaca, New York, tourism site: Don't come here, go to Florida
Web visitors who go to, the Ithaca/Tompkins County Convention and Visitors Bureau website, will now see a pop-up banner that says, "That's it. We surrender. Winter, you win. Key West anyone?" Bruce Stoff, director of the Visitors Bureau ...
Ithaca, New York, so cold that tourism site directs visitors to
Plug for Key West boosts Ithaca tourist interestIthaca Journal
Why is Ithaca telling visitors to go to Florida?CNBC

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5 Pinterest Strategies That Drive Big Traffic
Marketing Land
When it comes to using social media to drive traffic to your website, Pinterest is one of the best networks out there. In fact, PewResearch reports that 28% of online adults today use Pinterest, making it one of the most popular social networks (behind ...

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