Get More Visitors With Free Classified Ads

So you’ve got a shiny new website, the subject matter is first-rate, images good quality and it’s time to commence making money. Strangely enough it isn’t occurring. No-one is coming and so of course no-one is spending. You must get the word on the web and classified ads are a great place to begin.

In the last 10 years advertising has undergone a revolution thanks to the huge growth of the internet. Whereas previously all that was needed was a newspaper ad, that is not adequate now. Many businesses both large and small are now focussing on online advertising to obtain the best return on their investment.

The main reason of course is cost and ROI as even using only free classified ads will increase your traffic quickly. For this reason it’s essential to add in an online element to your marketing strategy. So you won’t be wasting your time learning about online classified adverts as you’ll get all these benefits

It is free and you can attract targeted traffic to your site It costs you nothing as you fine tune the ads to bring the most traffic and sales Most sites will give you statistics for visitors and help you determine the different results At no cost you can build up a list of keen potential buyers in no time at all

Clearly you have to make sure your ads are doing their job but there are simple things you can do to maximise the success of your ad campaigns

Firstly if possible try to find and use classified ad sites that are in your niche. It will give you a head start with interested buyers

Whichever sites you use have a quick read of any guidelines they have regarding ad layouts and wording. This helps you avoid the irritation of seeing your ad removed.

Place your ads on a regular basis to maintain a good response. Consider regular weekly updates to try to keep them near the top of the lists and receiving frequent views

It sounds obvious but don’t forget to include your web address, the name of your company and a few words about what you’re selling

If you can include images. They look professional and will encourage people to carry on reading

Put yourself in your customers shoes. Be efficient, professional and spell check your ad. It is an absolute reflection of you.

Don’t set and forget the adverts. Keep track of the statistics and alter things if you think it will help.

Don’t forget to use keywords where they will naturally fit in to the ad. It must still read normally.

These suggestions are the basis of getting more visitors and increasing your sales and making more money. Best of all you can do it all at no cost using the many free classified ads sites.

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